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It's time for me to be an ARTIST and make an ART quilt!

So for years I've wanted to do a portrait or a landscape quilt so I decided to do this picture! So I guess I am combining a portrait (sort of) and a landscape. This pic was taken at Big Spring Park in Huntsville, AL and that's my youngest daughter who is now 20 but in this picture was 5. She always loved feeding the ducks...even at age 18. We went to Big Spring Park for her to take photos for an art project she was doing. She goes to Memphis College of Art and is an amazing artist!

So in order for me to start this quilt which has been a bit intimidating to me, I decided to watch a video series on YouTube by Lea McComas.

I am a PhotoShop user, but decided to try this with PicMonkey so someone wouldn't have to invest into an expensive piece of software. So after Lesson 2, I was able to take the above image, change it to black and white, increase the brightness and contrast and then "posterize" it. That's where you have to play to get no more than 6 values in. This becomes the pattern to use to make the quilt. So the next step is to get this image printed 20x30 at a local print shop and it becomes my pattern. Then it's time to watch Lesson 3. Stay tuned!

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