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Clothing Rack

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the price of a quilt?
    It all depends on what size you want, which style you like, and how many clothing items you have. If you count your logos/clothing items you have, you can enter it in the quantity field in your cart after you choose your style to get the approximate price. Price varies depending on if they have to be cut larger.
  • How many clothing items or T-shirts do I need?
    It may take more t-shirts if the logo designs are small or it may take less if the designs are big. It also depends on how large your want your quilt. Each shirt logo/clothing item is cut either 12" or 14" each.
  • How do I get my clothing items to you?
    If you live in the North Alabama area, you are welcome to contact me to set up a time to meet. My hours vary when I am available since I work part-time at a local quilt shop. If you need to mail your items, you can mail them to the address listed on my Contact page after you make a down payment or my website OR you make a purchase.
  • How long does it take to make my quilt?
    Depending on the size and complexity, anywhere from 3 hours to 20 hours?
  • What is your turnaround time?
    Since I only do 1-2 quilts per week I may be booked out several weeks especially during graduation, back to school and Christmas. For Christmas and Graduation, I ask that you give me 8-10 weeks. For rush orders, I can fit you in but there's a $50 rush fee.
  • How do I prep my clothing?
    Please wash your items WITHOUT perfumed detergents or dryer sheets. Mark the part of the T-shirt that you DO NOT want used with an X using blue painters or masking tape. If you would like an item used in it's entirety, please attach a note to it. If you have a special request for a shirt, like you want it centered on the quilt, etc., please mark the shirt with masking tape and write the request on the tape. Stains or holes? Normally I don't do anything with them unless you don't want them on the design. If you don't want them, I will do my best to not include it in the design. Having the design off centered is more noticeable than stains.
  • How do I care for my quilt?
    Use cold water and a mild detergent on gentle for the minimum time. Do not use hot water or bleach. You can dry your quilt on a low setting, but I recommend hanging it to dry. Don't dry clean your quilt unless you have a custom photo (image printed on fabric ). Printed photos can fade in washings.


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