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Please click on each image and then click on VIEW FULL DETAILS to see price per block/t-shirt logo used. 


What you are purchasing on my website is the down payment for me to start work on your memory quilt. Some of the products below are the full price listed. Visit my FAQ page for a pricing info chart. 

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When ordering your quilt, you will be asked to choose a solid or a multi-color fabric.  Here's a link to look at the multi-color choices.  There are over 6900 so please use the filter on the left to narrow down your choices.
Decide if you would like to have photos added or any other type of customization such as embroidery. This can be discussed as I begin your project and will be invoiced separately.
Digital Text/Photos
This is a cheaper alternative to embroidery. Cost depends on size of block. $4 for a 4x4, $8 for 8x8, $12 for 12x12 and up.
$6 per line and up (ask for a quote)
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